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Program for children with various degrees of disability

Music has accompanied mankind since the dawn of time, it was and is

the means of communication before it began to be replaced by words  written. This is the area we are addressing and bringing back  the simplest communication between people and the health of people with  problems of a physical, emotional or mental nature.

Based on my experience, I developed a program for  people of different  degrees of disability. Classes have  the nature of both team and individual work. Persons  with disabilities during contact with music, dance or  singing they begin to express themselves, they are more active, easier  make friends. Their positive reactions to music,  curiosity and the desire to extract sounds from different  musical instruments improve both communication with  them and their contact with the world.


The aim of the classes is to get people of varying degrees  disabilities could gain a sense of security,  freedom so that they can overcome theirs  restrictions, incl. shyness, anxiety, etc. A program that  I developed makes the participants perfect theirs  sensitivity to sounds, they learn to play simple instruments,  develop a sense of rhythm, voice scale. I make them aware that anything can be an instrument, you don't have to use it  complex musical instruments to bring out of  them sounds. Simple things - such as wooden spoons,  plastic bottles filled with rice, newspapers - enough to  run your imagination.

My love for music, passion for working with  people, brings a lot of smiles on the face and  progress in  coordination and communication, thanks to which with great satisfaction  I convey the power of music, dance and movement.

In addition, I was able to create a method together with my husband

meditation or an interactive form of music creation, thanks

which we build communication tools and lead to

full relaxation and joy of participants and guardians.

There is a lot of love, feeling, smile, joy and emotion

our shared experience. Only in such an atmosphere

you can develop.

The above video shows my many years of cooperation with the Center for People with Disabilities in Agadir, Morocco. At the invitation of the Polish Embassy in Morocco, for several years I had the opportunity to conduct music and movement classes with elements of music therapy. Despite the lack of communication in the form of a foreign language, music was a great tool for mutual understanding. I brought a huge amount from there  gratitude  ,  experiences  and  joy .

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Workshops and individual lessons

It also gives an amazing effect  possibility  meetings and learning to play instruments individually ...

... or in a group :)
Great energy and fun and learning specific rhythms :)

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