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"Instrument on the map"

The musical program "Instrument on the map" is a presentation in a way

interactive ethnic instruments from different corners

The world. The program is additionally enriched with an extensively prepared one

presentation in the form of slides, both with musical curiosities and

geographically. It is a combination of a musical and geographical journey around


In addition, willing participants can try out the sound themselves  individual instruments.

I invite you to a trip along the trail of exotic ethnic instruments,

in which we will find out, for example, why a clay jug for  water transfer is also one of the most important  instruments for people from the Ibo tribe ...

Together,  we will move to Middle East countries to find out that

belly dances are accompanied by a strange drum, reminiscent of  Chalice ... We'll find out if every flute is a snake charmer? What is the  the oldest instrument in the world? Could a space saucer maybe  instrument?  


Purpose of the broadcast:

- presentation of percussion instruments coming from different

  corners of the world,

- development of creativity and musical sensitivity,

- familiarizing participants with the different sounds produced by

  weird looking instruments

- learning the basic sounds produced by various instruments,

- imitation and recognition of various sounds occurring in


- development of coordination  rhythmic and auditory through simple rhythmic games,

- group integration,

- everyone can play an instrument of their choice


Apart from  presentation of instruments during broadcasts in kindergartens  meetings with children are resistant  in many games, while in schools we learn a simple rhythm and together  we learn it.

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