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Individual lessons

I invite you to individually learn to play the percussion instruments at all levels of learning.

You can learn to play in a fun and easy way

instruments such as: bodhran, cajon, udu, darbuka, frame drums, percussion set, handpan, Irish flute and tin whistle. Independently

what age or level of advancement you are, you will train your workshop or learn the game from scratch. We will explore the secrets of technology, work on the sound, the correct position during the game, concentration, coordination, and also create our own compositions!  

We will get acquainted with the rhythms from all over the world (African, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Celtic, Polish and many others).


I invite beginners who want to meet and learn to play instruments, as well as musicians who feel the desire to develop, learn new instruments or need help in interpreting  repertoire.

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Activities with children

Workshops and individual classes are part of the artistic education program,

whose idea is to educate the young generation through art. Exactly that

Thanks to such classes, over 20 years ago I started my musical education, and I have been doing it professionally to this day. Children love it

music, and if they can create it, the bigger the smile

it draws on their faces. It is enough to observe it in life

everyday they imitate their favorite singers, tap rhythms on pots

kitchens, dancing etc. I was such a child myself, which is why I was passionate about it

is also imparting musical knowledge in the form of fun and learning that

may be  also a form of therapy and act to relax, de-stress or

bring a smile to the child's face. The aim of the workshop is to introduce

children into the world of exotic percussion music, in an easy and fun way,

adequate to their age. In addition to contact with the instrument, we will develop

imagination, creativity or concentration through simple movement games. Additionally, such activities build self-confidence in  children.

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Learning to play tin whistle

The violin is a six-hole pipe with a lot of style to play  simple. A few notes played in a simple arrangement make after  a quarter of an hour a child can play the first melody. Learning to play the whirlpool  takes place very quickly, thanks to a special tab under

notation. Such a simple graphic record allows very quickly  master the instrument.


The purpose of learning to play tin whistle is:

  - shaping the musical sensitivity of children

- understanding and experiencing musical works

- developing self-esteem

- ability to cooperate in a group

- organizing children's skills thanks to music

- learning simple musical terms and much more


My adventure with music began with this instrument. At 11  years I started learning to play the pole, and after a few weeks I was winning  first melodies, and at the age of 12 I played my first concert on the big  music scene in Poland.

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