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Art therapy

Art therapy, i.e. treatment through broadly understood art (music,  art, movement, literature).  It is recommended for both children and adults, healthy people and people

disturbances. It affects our health, positive attitude or reaches us  to our interior. By completing the course for an art therapist alone  I experienced a kind of catharsis.

I discovered new layers within myself  emotions, needs and I have found peace in myself. I was surprised by the effect.  Artistic expression gave me a sense of liberation, I could relieve internal tensions, or just relax. At some point,  when I started working intensively and with commitment in class,

any emotional blockages or tensions are gone. The intermediate goal  art therapy is also the expression of those feelings that we suppress within ourselves. There is nothing  more beautiful than expression through art; painting, singing, playing on  instruments, carving, movement, creative thinking etc. The purpose of art therapy  there is also the stimulation and development of creative imagination, socialization,  sensitization to emotions, reflections on the past, present and  future, reaching your dreams, talents and finally creating  self. Art therapy is nothing more than making a change in yourself too  with the help of art. You don't need to have artistic abilities to use

the benefits offered by art therapy. There is also a significant effect  only the creative process that takes place in us during the work performed  exercise. Art therapy also helps shy people who feel  that they cannot use their full potential.


Examples of art therapy:

- choreotherapy, i.e. dance and movement therapy (body percussion)

- music therapy through contact with music (singing, playing instruments  e.t.c),

- fairy-tale therapy, i.e. therapy through skilful reading of fairy tales  therapeutic,

- plastic therapy, i.e. therapy through plastic arts such as drawing,

  sculpture, painting, cut-outs, weaving, coloring books etc.

- silhouette therapy, i.e. tree therapy, e.g. birds singing, forest noise,  collecting gifts  forest etc.

- teatrotherapy, i.e. spontaneous theatrical performances,

- ludotherapy, i.e. therapy through games and fun,

- aromatherapy - the use of fragrances to improve the physical and  mental         well-being,

- phototherapy (viewing photos, analog and digital development,  exercise   photos),

- training of creative thinking - stimulating creativity

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