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Drumming workshops for children, teenagers and adults

Drumming workshops are a very common and popular form of integration,

de-stress, relaxation or entertainment. Workshops are conducted in the form of

circle, thanks to which we can more easily get to know each other or understand the action

group as one, coherent team. We get to know a wide range

ethnic instruments (oriental, African, European, etc.),

from all over the world. Experience shows that the participants

workshops are very eager to learn new rhythms through play.



- integration of participants,

- learning the technique of the game and extracting basic sounds,

- learning about the relationship between sound and silence, dynamics, etc.

- learning the rhythms from Africa, the Balkan countries, as well as modern ones, etc.,

- building self-confidence and learning to work in a team,

- simple rhythmic and movement games for children and much more.

Workshops can be one-off or cyclical. I provide my own

instruments, long experience in conducting workshops, adaptation

depending on the age of the participants.

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