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Sound massage ...

Music affects emotions, relaxes physically and mentally, and improves  mood, and brings back memories.  French neurologist Alfred Tomatis discovered that the human ear serves not only  for listening, but it is also an instrument of balance and upright posture, as well as an organ that recharges  the cerebral cortex with electricity. Figured best  the brain is influenced by high-frequency songs,  improving concentration, increasing memory, and  creativity. They harmonize the work of the heart, give energy or  synchronize both hemispheres of the brain. Music can evoke a variety of emotions. Therefore it is very important what hers  genre is important to us at this point, e.g. the music that  accompanied by drums, will stimulate the heart, raise  blood pressure and will awaken energetically. But the music  relaxation can relieve pain, has a beneficial effect on  body and mind.


My goal in this area is not only to listen to mechanical music,

but also creating it together by means of the most diverse  instruments from all over the world (instruments  percussion, wind instruments, tibetan bells, gong,  koshi ringtones etc).

I have developed a program in which we create the world together with the participants  music by means of existing instruments  colorful, deep and spatial written pieces  by me. It gives amazing results for both children and

and caregivers.

I also completed a gong learning course with particular emphasis on them  impact  in individual and group therapy, which was conducted by a well-known and experienced person  Łukasz Mazurek - a student of the Shree Krishna Shahi and Shanta Ratna Shakya masters.

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