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Patrycja Betley 

Charismatic multipercussionist, creator of melodies to the rhythm
a traveler in music and education
music educator.


He co-creates leading Polish folk music groups: Karolina Cicha & Spółka , the Betley / Miró duo and  Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra . She co-founded the female bands Same Suki and Pamaruna.

As a soloist, she accompanies Leszek Możdżer in his performances with the MACV Warsaw Chamber Opera Orchestra.


As a session artist-musician, she has been gaining experience alongside many artists for over 20 years and has supported various line-ups musically. She collaborated with such artists as: Zbigniew Namysłowski with the Aukso Orchestra conducted by Marek Moś,  Justyna Steczkowska, Katarzyna Nosowska, Zygmunt Konieczny, Carrantuohill, Zakopower, Ania Wyszkoni, Tadeusz Woźniak, Stanisław Soyka and others.
She played in many bands: Maria Pomianowska, Shannon, Hoboud, Balkan Sevdah, Danar, Pamaruna, Mamadou & Sama Yoon and others. He collaborates with the prestigious Viennese recording studio, Euro Acoustics.


As an instrumentalist of leading folk music bands in Poland, she developed in its various currents. Among them: music from various regions of the Balkan Peninsula, Celtic, oriental, Sephardic music, Polish folk music, music from the Carpathian Mountains, and even Afrobeat, African traditions or even further: electronic music.


A percussionist who took her steps in the world of music as a flautist. In Swarzędzka Orkiestra Flażetowa she played the Irish Tin Whistle.
However, it was the multicultural percussion instruments that became Patrycja's domain. She has always been fascinated by the combination of percussion instruments from all over the world with the traditional classical drum kit, and even with electronic instruments and synthesizers.


Patrycja Betley creates melodies to the rhythm. Thinking about music and creating it on rhythmic instruments, he follows the melody. Rhythmic melodies distinguish the artist from among percussionists, which she herself connects with the fact that her first instrument was the Irish flute.

Specializing in playing instruments from all over the world, she has become a collector. Among
  yours  accessories include: bodhran, frame drums, doumbek, cajon, udu, tapan, tombac, djembe and many others.
She has been the official endorser of Robert Forkner's Bodhran (hoop drums) for over a decade. She has her own signature line as the only woman and one of two non-Irish bodhranists.


A music artist who graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in the field of geoinformation. Thanks to the concerts, he makes numerous trips to the farthest corners of the world. He acquires knowledge about culture, meets local musicians and gathers new instruments and knowledge.

Instrument on the map is the title of her original project, which combines her education, experience and skills. As part of it, he conducts music programs.  workshops, individual lessons, music classes and music therapy.


Education is a very important part of Patrycja Betley's work. She is a certified art therapist and a graduate of the 1st degree Gordon course. She uses the theory of learning music by the American jazz musician and educator Edwin Elias Gordon in music classes for infants and young children. The artist and educator conducts her classes also for teenagers and adults.

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